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pre-sale questions....

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Posted 06 July 2013 - 09:12 PM

I have some questions and concerns about AVS.

I have about a dozen or so tube sites, traffic is very low quality, 90% traffic gone from sites within 10 seconds to 1 minute.
If I spend a couple hunderd on AVS, addons, etc...Why would that change, assuming this script is one domain license? am I doing
something wrong? I would hate to invest the money into this script, and still end up with bad traffic stats.... and bad traffic is pretty
much the same as no traffic, in the end, still worth zero....the last thing I want to do is spend hundreds on a porn script to setup
yet another porn tube to earn pennies on the dollar...

iPhone/Mobile addon - personally I do not have an iPhone. From the demo, it does not appear to be monitized,
so what will spending $100 on mobile addon do for me other then burning up bw? then again, maybe I am just
missing something concerning the mobile addon....?

I understand the difference between video grabber, and Mass Embedder...in fact, does it not cost more in BW and resources to actually
host your own videos compared to just embedding the the videos? why would anyone want to utilize mass resources by hosting actual
videos when they can just embed videos for near the same benefit. I would think that hosting actual videos would cut more into the bottom
line of any profits the site may or may not be making...am I wrong? regardless of the cons of pros of each, do they have the ability to run cron
or pull in x amount of videos per day...any spin tools for better seo? spin title, descriptions, etc...

Adult Hosting affiliate link is a little misleading...it says unlimited for $7.95/mo but I checked them out, they only allow adult
content on VPS which is $50/mo....maybe you was not aware of this, I thought I would bring it to your attention....

I also seen something that says 20 Advertising spots. I was looking at the demo and only seen a few ads, are they not all
setup on the DEMO? I just wanted to make sure there are more then 1 or 3 slots, and would like to know where they all are....

Custom: I am using XenForo forum script. Could a bridge be created so that only one username can be used between AVS
and the Forum? It would be great if AVS had it own actual forum, but I do not see this feature unless I am missing something...

Thank-You for your time....

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