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Anyone interested in an avatar selector for signup page?

avatars selector

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Posted 30 August 2017 - 06:40 PM

I have designed an avatar selector for users to pick from a selection of avatars at signup or after signup. It uses cells that scroll left to right.


I am using avs 3.3 but I suspect it will work on some other versions with slight changes to what I have done.  It's useful for those that don't have or don't want to post a personal pic.  It works pretty good on both desktops and phones, when wrapped in the AVS css.  I hide the radio buttons and I highlight the avatar selected using css.


The mod is a little involved but I wouldn't mind a back and forth to help anyone add the mod.  If anyone is interested, I will post everything I did.  Hopefully, what I've done can be improved upon with feedback from the community.


My users are using it and seem to really like it.  A positive side effect is that I think I am seeing fewer fake account signups.  Spam accounts were greatly reduced after recaptcha 2 and after I added my own token in the page.  I think I still had a few fake accounts getting through but at this point it's zero fake accounts and it might due to the fact that the signup page is no longer a standard AVS signup page and no default avatar is chosen, you have to chose one or you get an error.


Right now I hard code everything into the css and signup.tpl, and user_avatar.tpl but we can easily automate and fill out the cells with some loops.


Below is an example.  The example really just demonstrates the scrolling left to right(shrink your browser window), shows how I highlight to select, and hiding the radio button.




You can stack multiple scrollable rows of avatars.  I envision multiple stacked rows where each row has different themes.



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